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Italian Counter Collection

The cuisine offers Naples style pizzas, Panuozzo and handmade pastas, a selection
most natural to crave. Our Neapolitan style pizzas are made with slow fermented
Caputo dough, hand crushed San Marzano tomatoes and sweet basil as the base for the
entire selection. The familiar goat cheese ravioli at AMADEO By Oberoi is made with
beetroot dough, roasted golden beets, crunchy walnuts and kale sauce. While each of
the handmade pastas are signature preparations from the cuisine, our chefs at the pasta
bar remain most excited about tossing made-to-order pastas everyday.

Italian Food

Italian Food

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Alisha’s association with The Oberoi Group began in 2008. By 2014, she had received the prestigious “Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi Award for Overall Excellence in Guest Service Management” and was later handpicked to join the F&B management for the re-opening of The Oberoi, New Delhi. She has been similarly handpicked for AMADEO.

Alisha’s pivotal role goes beyond orchestrating the perfect dining experience. She nurtures a team of talented professionals, fostering an environment of collaboration, growth and exceptional service. Her leadership inspires the entire team to consistently exceed expectations, ensuring that every guest leaves with memories they will cherish for a lifetime.


We are delighted to introduce Chef Greg, the extraordinary Japanese speciality chef at AMADEO By Oberoi. With his extensive experience in Japan and Dubai, and his training under some of the world’s finest sushi, sashimi and Japanese hot kitchen experts, Chef Greg brings a new level of culinary excellence to our vibrant new restaurant in Mumbai.

Passionate about seafood and fresh ingredients, Chef Greg combines his refined techniques and unwavering commitment to present an unparalleled Japanese selection at AMADEO restaurant in BKC. With each dish, he aims to create an unforgettable dining experience,captivating the taste buds of our esteemed guests.

Chef Kayzad Sadri

Born and raised in a family deeply rooted in rich culinary traditions, Chef Kayzad developed an early appreciation for the diverse tapestry of flavours from around the world.

In 2003, he graduated with a distinguished Post Graduate Diploma from The Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development, and quickly rose to prominence in the kitchens of Oberoi Hotels & Resorts. He also became a known name in UK culinary circles, being featured in Britain’s Waitrose Kitchen magazine and named as one of India’s top chefs in by Better Kitchen in their anniversary special. Back home in India, he is a highly regarded chef for celebrities. He is also Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher’s personal chef in India.